MM52 / Ed O'Neill 

Ed O'Neill

Names: Edward O'Neill; Edward O'Neil | Ed O'Neil | Edward O'Neill | Ed O'
Actor , Age: 74 ( Zodiac Sign: Aries )
Birthday: April 12th (Friday), 1946
Birth Place: Youngstown, Ohio, USA
Sex: Male, Height: 185cm

Awards: Nominated for 2 Golden Globes.
Biography: Ed O'Neill is an American actor best known for playing Al Bundy on Married with Children (1987), the most iconic working class character on television since Archie Bunker. Upon his debut on the world stage in Youngstown, Ohio on April 12, 1946, he was christened Ed, Jr. Both his father Ed, Sr., a steelworker and truck driver, and his social worker......