MM52 / Leila Tong 

Leila Tong

Names: Kong Lai Na; Leila Kong | Lina Kong | Kong Lai Na | Ling Tong; Lelia
Actress , Age: 40 ( Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius )
Birthday: December 5th (Friday), 1980
Birth Place: Hong Kong
Sex: Female, Height: 163cm

Biography: Leila Tong Ning was originally born Pauline Kong Lai Na. She started acting at the age of 8, and back then people knew her as Kong Lai Na. Today, she is known as Leila Tong Ning. First, Leila started acting in movies, making it a big hit for herself in "Those Were The Days". But her very first TVB series she's acted in was "Greed of Man" in 1992 ......