MM52 / Likun Yang 

Likun Yang

Names: ; Xiaojiuer
Actress , Age: 58 ( Zodiac Sign: Taurus )
Birthday: April 27th (Monday), 1942
Deathday: July 21st (Friday), 2000
Birth Place: Puer Muhei, Yunnan Province, China
Sex: Female,

Biography: Yang Likun was born in a family of 11 children (she's number 9, hence the nickname "Xiaojiuer", i.e., "Little Nine"). She joined Yunnan Province Singing & Dancing Troupe at the tender age of 11. She had only appeared in two musicals, Five Golden Flowers (1958) and Ashima (1964), and yet she became Judy Garland of China at her time. Unfortunately, ......