MM52 / Lydia Shum 

Lydia Shum

Names: ; Sun Tin Ha | Lydia Sham | Dian Xia Shen | Dianhsia; Fei-Fei
Actress , Age: 63 ( Zodiac Sign: Cancer )
Birthday: July 21st (Saturday), 1945
Deathday: February 19th (Tuesday), 2008
Birth Place: Shanghai, China
Sex: Female,

Biography: With her signature wing-tip frame coke bottle glasses and imposing coif, 'Zaftig' TV-movie comedienne and celebrity personality Lydia Shum also known as 'Ah-Fay' to her fans stands out as one of the most recognizable and endearing entertainment icons in Hong Kong society whose celebrity ubiquity has spanned nearly 5 decades since she began her ......