MM52 / Sherilyn Fenn 

Sherilyn Fenn

Names: Sheryl Ann Fenn; Sherri
Actress , Age: 56 ( Zodiac Sign: Aquarius )
Birthday: February 1st (Monday), 1965
Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Sex: Female, Height: 163cm
Official Site: http://www.sherilynshines.blogspo...

Awards: Nominated for 1 Golden Globe.
Biography: Her childhood was filled with change. Sheryl Ann (later "Sherilyn") was the youngest of 3 kids. She and her two older brothers were raised by their musician mom, Arlene Quatro, who moved the family around Michigan. She and her mom went to L.A. when Sherilyn was 17. Within a couple of years, Sherilyn was working in TV and film, with multiple ......